Garden Namkeens

Indians love their snacks and at CavinKare, we are familiar with all the preferred tastes among consumers in the sub-continent. In a country where an estimated 1,000 snack products and 300 varieties of savouries are sold, with many more unaccounted for, we know the importance of consumer experience. Consumers here are always on the lookout for wide range of choice in any market segment. They are also getting increasingly quality conscious by the day. CavinKare’s Garden range of snacks is made to offer authentic Indian flavours and offer
the highest quality of treats for late afternoon tea or to satisfy mid-day cravings.
Garden Namkeens has grown exponentially since it first set up in the busy Indian city of Mumbai. Our array of salty and sweet offerings is perfect for Indian
taste buds, all of them guaranteeing mouth-watering experiences
in very distinct flavours.
Garden Namkeens was acquired by CavinKare Pvt. Ltd. in August, 2009,
and that has marked a new chapter in the success story for Garden.

Remarkably Authentic, Simply Indian
Garden Namkeens stands for authenticity and meeting the expectations of every Indian, regardless of his or her region of origin. We’ve made it our priority to cater to everyone who may have a love for certain kinds of snacks.
Over the years, we've been able to maintain this balance of catering to a wide variety of taste buds, alienating no one, and yet remaining original with our flavours and options. We've thought about it, and so our portfolio of products and offerings will reflect
the dedication that goes into ensuring our snacks are enjoyed by everyone.

Pioneers in Excellence, Leaders in Quality
Quality can never be an accident. It can definitely not be an after-thought. What we bring to our Indian consumers manifests
what results from clarity of intention, sincerity of effort, strategic direction and skillful execution. All our products will be regarded
as the best in terms of quality, freshness, hygiene and taste standards. We genuinely aim to please our consumers and so quality checks are consciously carried out without fail at all stages of production – right from pre-processing till the final packaging.
Before they are taken into the production line, stringent tests are conducted on all our raw materials, whether they are oils or spices.
We have an unflinching desire to ensure the best quality reaches our final customers.

Superior Manufacturing Capabilities, Fine Execution
Once the acquisition of brand Garden was completed, CavinKare invested nearly Rs. 80 crore to set up a state-of-the-art manufacturing plant in Bhiwandi, in the Thane District of Maharashtra. The present capacity of this unit is close to 1200 tonnes,
with scope to scale up as and when a need arises.
At our manufacturing facility, there is an implicit understanding of the need to deliver authentic Indian snacks to customers.
This is why the facility operates in the most hygienic conditions, utilizing modern operational machinery and delivery mechanisms. Garden's manufacturing facility is equipped with the latest machinery that employ cutting edge and futuristic technology to retain
the freshness and unique flavours of an Indian kitchen.

A Range To Suit every Preference
We are pioneers in the 'namkeens' sector, but are very conscious of consumers who may have some health-related concerns
and therefore may want to opt for snacks that are low-fat and low-calorie.

Love Sour, Salty Treats? Opt For Our ‘Namkeens’
In the traditional 'namkeens' sector, Garden was one of the first to sell branded products. While North Indian snack options were a focus
for many 'namkeen' manufacturers, we boldly took the opportunity
to cater to a largely untapped market. Garden gained national presence through South Indian regional specialties like the 'murukku'. Our robust distribution network as well as planned expansions and initiatives are set to thrill the Indian market.

Have a Sweet Tooth? Indulge!
While Garden was a pioneer in the salty snacks sector, even catering to regions that others ignored, we knew we had to have a captive audience among our sweet-loving consumers. A range of Soan Papdi, Gulab Jamun, Rasgulla and a host of other specialties are available
for those who love to indulge their sweet tooth.

Fitness Enthusiasts, Dip Into Our Diet Range!
While Indians can't do without their snacks, they are always aware
of their health and fitness needs. Lifestyles in India have changed in recent years and people increasingly opt for healthier food
or low-fat and low-calorie options of snacks that were traditionally considered unhealthy. Even in Northern and Western India
where previous trends showed a high intake of saturated foods, the tide has changed and is continuing to shape up as a market that reaches out for more and more products that are cholesterol free. The active choice towards a healthier and stress-free life
has caused an upward spiral of demand in the category of health and wellness foods.
Garden's stride towards manufacturing healthier options
for consumers of snacks across India is a defining venture
for CavinKare. We've made leadership statements by entering
the diet sector and redefined how snacks are generally perceived.
A premium segment, it is an ideal offering for health conscious consumers who still want to savour a treat as much as any other consumer. Garden's Diet range which includes Diet Bhel, Diet Chivda and Lemon Bhel, undergoes a unique oil-reextraction hydro process while they are manufactured, directly reducing the fat content
in all these snack options.

A pioneer in the business of namkeens, with a unique range
of products like the Diet range of snacks, Garden successfully entered the western range of snacks with the introduction of Cruncho range
of Chips, a unique flavour of Pudhina Jaljira for the first time in India. Cruncho stands for Crunchy Potato chips which offer an irresistible taste to the consumer. What's more, Cruncho is also available in 3 more exciting flavours - Tempting Masala, Premium Salted
and Saucy Tomato in attractive pack colours of Blue, Yellow and Red respectively.
Available in attractive packs, the four product variants are retailed at Rs.5 and Rs.10 price points; Cruncho is differentiated from
the competition through superior quality, taste and its value for money pricing.