Advantage Through Innovation
CRC is committed to contributing towards growth of the organization through the development of safe, effective, innovative
and cost efficient products that the customers will prefer. It wants to achieve this through strong technical capability, understanding of the sciences involved, critical evaluation of product performance and extensive as well as insightful consumer interface.

Quality of Work Integrity with Results; Excellence in Specialization; Innovation in Products and Processes
CRC strives to become a centre of excellence by continuously challenging both organizational and individual capabilities
while enjoying every day work and by following best practices. The focus is not merely only organizational advancement,
CRC wants to create a work environment that nurtures scientific enquiry and leads to professional satisfaction of its scientists.
CRC aspires to cast a global footprint through partnership in open innovation networks and by out-licensing its strong
portfolio of IPs thereby enhancing value realization of its technological capabilities and also ensuring its presence
at the cutting edge of technology.