CavinKare continuously engages in initiatives that it trusts and believes would make the world a better place to live in. CavinKare's focus with regards to CSR initiatives revolves around (a) Caring for disabled persons of the society (b) Providing quality education
in a comfortable environment for deserving students of rural sections (c) Recognizing small time entrepreneurs with innovative ideas and concepts (d) Supporting a deserving social cause for poor people. A few projects we are involved in and how CavinKare got itself associated with it are briefly explained below:

1. CavinKare Ability Awards: A Brief Introduction
As part of our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives, CavinKare is associated with the Ability Foundation, an NGO working towards the betterment, empowerment and rights of the disabled community. To institute the CavinKare Ability awards,
a one-of-a-kind award in the country, to recognize and reward the achievements of the differently abled. The awards have been organized for the past ten years in succession and have now grown in stature and recognition. These national awards (totally four
in number) recognize the spirit of achievement of the differently abled. They are for individuals, who have pursued solutions and gone beyond the 'normal', the trials, travails and tribulations, towards achievement. With a view to change public perception about disabled people and to highlight their potential, these awards recognize the spirit of achievement of those who have taken the road less travelled, and pursued their dreams, without allowing their disability to deter them.

2. Chinnikrishnan Innovation Awards
CavinKare celebrates the spirit of entrepreneurship with 'The Chinnikrishnan Innovation Awards'. Dreamer, innovator, ideator and entrepreneur – these are just some of the words that describe the Late Shri R Chinnikrishnan, the man who pioneered the sachet revolution in India. His ideas were based on the simple philosophy that, "what the rich man can enjoy, the poor man should be able to afford." Today, his innovations are seen in every shop in the form of sachets. They stand testimony to the fact that his dream is alive and well. Now CavinKare has established an award to encourage young businessmen/women running small and tiny scale industries, in memory of the late Shri R Chinnikrishnan. The Chinnikrishnan Innovation Awards focus on the overall value of the innovation in terms of its uniqueness, its benefits to people and its ability to be scalable.

3. Dr. M S Swaminathan Award for Environment Protection
CavinKare, in association with Rotary club of Madras East, presents an award every year instituted in the name of Professor Swaminathan, an internationally acclaimed agriculture scientist. An eminent personality who has contributed to the cause
of environment protection is chosen and honoured with this award every year. This award is constituted to honour companies
or eminent persons who have contributed to the society to improve living conditions and public health while protecting the environment and natural resources.

4. Patronage to Quality Education
(a) CK School of Practical Knowledge
CavinKare patronises a school in the coastal area of Cuddalore. "The school should continuously churn out students who will develop business acumen, alongside their regular Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics and so on", says CK Ranganathan, CMD, CavinKare Pvt. Ltd. A special curriculum has been developed to realize this dream. The objective of this dream is to apprise students of small business operations and develop in them, a business acumen with emphasis on real life situations. Students will be exposed to lectures on entrepreneurship and small business models by experts from the industry.
In an attempt to create an academic environment where students are continually challenged and motivated to do their best possible work, the entrepreneurial fervor will provide practical knowledge and the right kind of motivation. This will be a different kind
of educational experience with the abiding faith in the individual ability to excel. The school believes in nurturing human values
and engineering acumen together and will attempt to bring out qualified individuals. The school programme is designed around factors that help learners achieve success in their lives. They are exposed to a holistic education both through active and dynamic learning environments.
(b) CK College of Engineering and Technology
CavinKare also patronises an institution of higher education viz. the CK College of Engineering and Technology, situated
in Cuddalore with an aim to impart world class professional education, especially to the people in the coastal regions of Tamil Nadu. CK College of Engineering & Technology addresses the need for excellent professional education as there is a dearth
of quality higher education in the rural areas. The college includes all modern amenities - students' classrooms and labs,
a well stocked library with books and recourses and a Wi-Fi enabled campus. The college offers industry relevant courses
in engineering and business management studies, with an aim to develop industry-ready professionals who will contribute
to creating a better society.

5. Other Charitable Initiatives
Apart from the above, CavinKare also conducts 'Annadanam', blood donation camps, in association with the Lions and Rotary clubs and other foundations. CavinKare also sponsors green revolution projects which underlines its intent to protect the environment, support mankind and give back to the society, a portion of wealth that it creates.
No mission is complete till it fully realizes the intent. CavinKare's dream of creating a society of inclusiveness and better
standards of living for all by teaming with like-minded corporate houses would hopefully create a revolution that would better
many lives in the future, which would otherwise have been lost in struggle.