CK School Of Practical Knowledge

CavinKare patronises a school in the coastal area of Cuddalore. A special curriculum
has been developed with a view to apprise students of small business operations
and develop in them, business acumen with emphasis on real life situations.
Students will be exposed to lectures on entrepreneurship and small business models
by experts from the industry. In an attempt to create an academic environment where students are continually challenged and motivated to do their best possible work,
the entrepreneurial fervor will provide practical knowledge and the right kind of motivation. The school believes in nurturing human values and engineering acumen together and will attempt to mould qualified individuals. They are exposed to a holistic education both through active and dynamic learning environments.
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CK College Of Engineering and Technology

CavinKare also patronises an institution of higher education viz. the CK College of Engineering and Technology, situated in Cuddalore with an aim to impart world class professional education, especially to the people in the coastal regions of Tamil Nadu.
CK College of Engineering & Technology addresses the need for excellent professional education as there is a dearth of quality higher education in the rural areas. The college includes all modern amenities - students’ classrooms and labs, a well stocked library with books and recourses and a Wi-Fi enabled campus. The college offers industry relevant courses in Engineering and Business Management studies, with an aim
to develop industry ready professionals who will contribute to creating a better society.
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