CavinKare celebrates the spirit of entrepreneurship with "The Chinnikrishnan Innovation Awards."

Dreamer, innovator, ideator, entrepreneur - just some of the words that can describe the late
Shri R. Chinnikrishnan, the man who pioneered the sachet revolution. His ideas were based
on the simple philosophy, "what the rich man can enjoy, the poor man should be able to afford." Today his innovations are seen in every shop, in the form of sachets. They stand testimony
to the fact that his dream has seen fruition. In memory of the Late Shri R.Chinnikrishnan, CavinKare is seeking out the next generation of innovators. CavinKare has established
an award to encourage young entrepreneurs who are running small and tiny scale industries.

"The Chinnikrishnan Innovation Awards" focuses on the overall value of the innovation in terms of its uniqueness, its benefits to people and its ability to be scalable. Those individuals who are shortlisted will be assisted
with patent legalities and a potential tie-up with banks and venture capitalists. They will also have access to marketing advisory services.

" 4th CavinKare - MMA Chinnikrishnan Innovation Awards 2015 "     Click Here to Download the Nomination Form
    • Chinnikrishnan Innovation Awards - 2013
    • Chinnikrishnan Innovation Awards - 2012

      Location   Kamaraj Arangam,
      492, Anna Salai, Teynampet,
      Chennai 600 006.
      Jury   Mr. Vinod Kumar Dasari, Managing Director, Ashok Leyland Ltd.
      Mr. Raju Venkatraman, Managing Director & CEO, MEDall
      Healthcare Pvt. Ltd.
      Mr. Venkatesh Rajgopal, Chairman & Managing Director,
      Celebrity Fashions Ltd.
      Mr. Darius Bahadurji, Chairman & Managing Director,
      Vantage Advertising Private Limited.
      Dr. Srinivasan R, Associate Professor of Corporate
      Strategy & Policy, Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore.
      Mr. M Ramprasad, Chairman and Co-founder, MAPE Group.
      Guest of Honour   Dr. K. Rosaiah, His Excellency, The Governor of Tamil Nadu.
      Mr. A. Mohammed Ibrahim
      M/s. Brainz Infotech, Villupuram.
      He is the inventor of the coin-operated, water vending machines. "Hygienic & cool" water, made accessible to the masses
      at an affordable cost.
      Mr. R.K. Saran Raj
      M/s. Japeva Engineering Pvt. Ltd, Chennai.
      He is the inventor of the 100% eco-friendly mineral roofing with enhanced weather insulation & waterproofing properties.
      Mr. Rangarajan Nadhamuni
      M/s. Sriram Agro Processing Unit, Vellore(Rural category).
      Converting waste to wealth - the inventor of the process that converts Mango waste into Mango butter.

    • Chinnikrishnan Innovation Awards - 2011

      Location   Image auditorium,
      MRC Nagar, R.A Puram,
      Chennai 600 028.
      Jury   Mr. N. Kumar, Vice Chairman, Sanmar Group.
      Ms. Akhila Srinivasan.
      Ms. Shriram, Life Insurance Co Ltd.
      Shri P.H. Kurian, IAS, Controller General, Patents, Designs & Trademarks.
      Mr. N. Venugopal, Joint Editor, Business Line.
      Mr. Manickam Ramaswamy, Chairman & Managing Director, M/s. Loyal textiles Ltd.
      Mr. T.M. Bhasin, Chairman & Managing Director, Indian Bank.
      Chief Guest   Mr. T. M. Bhasin, Chairman & Managing Director, Indian bank.
      Mr. Sanghameshwaram Ramaswamy
      Twiinkle Mops
      He is the pioneer of a new concept in India. He provides a twinkling mopping experience to the consumers which
      only exists in the western world.
      Ms. Saundarya Rajesh
      Avtar Career Creators
      She created Flexi-Time-Career opportunities for women in India.
      Mr. Sudhakar C & Mr. Suresh Chandra
      Cho Chweet
      They delighted pet owners with a unique idea; they provide a hygienic SPA experience to Pets. Pets can be social, they relax
      and lounge in a relaxed environment along with their owners.