After establishing a stronghold on the domestic markets, CavinKare set up its International Business division in 1999 and spread
its wings beyond India’s geographical borders. Currently, CavinKare markets its brands in more than 13 countries including
Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Singapore and GCC countries. The International Business division develops tailor made products that cater to foreign markets with international standards.

Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka was the first foreign country that CavinKare engaged with through its International Business division as early as 1999. Chik Shampoo, Fairever and Nyle Lotions have made significant inroads in their respective categories. The Sri Lankan market
is inclined towards egg, black and king coconut variants therefore CavinKare customized Chik Shampoo according to the Sri Lankan market needs. . Fairever Fruit was launched in March, 2012 and it took the market by storm, creating ripples in the industry. CavinKare also partnered with one of the biggest business houses in Sri Lanka for its distribution activities.

CavinKare Bangladesh Pvt. Ltd. (CKBPL) is a 100% subsidiary of CavinKare Pvt. Ltd., India. It was established in 2004. The business is driven by a team of sales, commercial and administrative staff headed by a country manager. CavinKare has also entered into a manufacturing agreement with a local third party unit where Fairever Fairness Cream and Chik Shampoo are currently manufactured.

CavinKare's operations in Nepal have been in existence since 1999. Chik Shampoo, Spinz Deodorant and Indica Hair Colour
have made a significant impact in their respective categories here. Chik Shampoo was rated as one amongst Nepal's top brands
in a research conducted by A C Nielsen in 2006. Fairever and Nyle Shampoo have shown consistent growth over the years.
The launch of Indica 10 Minutes, a breakthrough innovation in the powdered hair colour category, has been a promising initiative
to further bolster the growth of business in Nepal. CavinKare has placed a regional manager to handle business in Nepal.

Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC)
One of the fastest growing regions of the International Business Division has been the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) countries that include UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait and Bahrain. With a steady growth of Fairever Fairness Cream, CavinKare further extended its products into Fairever Fruit and Fairever Anti Ageing Fairness Cream. Nyle Herbal Hair Oil has established itself in the oil category by offering unique benefits supported by innovative packaging. As a continuation of the legacy of unique offerings, Nyle has launched the Treatment Series – a unique concept of a kit comprising Oil, Shampoo and Leave-On – available in two variants, anti dandruff and anti hairfall. CavinKare has placed a marketing professional in Dubai to drive the GCC business.

Malaysia, Singapore and Myanmar
CavinKare has established Fairever and Ruchi as popular brands amongst the tamil population of Malaysia and Singapore. Malaysia is one of the key focus markets which offer a huge potential for growth. CavinKare aims to tap the potential by building Fairever, Nyle and Ruchi in Skin Care, Hair Care and Foods Categories respectively. CavinKare has appointed a sales team
in Malaysia that will be driving the business in Malaysia, Singapore and Myanmar.

The Journey Continues
CavinKare has begun operations in Kenya with key brands being Nyle lotion and Fairever, and also continues trading operations
across the world in countries like USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. In a significant move towards geographical expansion,
high potential markets like Egypt, Nigeria, and South Africa are being considered for business development

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