Starting our journey with Chik Shampoo, a landmark innovation that democratized the use of shampoos among the masses in India, CavinKare has become
a legendary player in the Personal Care space. The Personal Care brand portfolio consists of Shampoos (Chik, Meera, and Nyle), Hairwash Powders (Meera
& Karthika), Coconut Oil (Meera), Fairness Creams (Fairever), Deodorant and Talc (Spinz), Hair Colours (Indica Herbal Hair Colour, Indica 10 Minutes Herbal Hair Colour, Nyle Henna & Raaga Professional).

Over the years, CavinKare has successfully transformed itself from a pure Personal Care player to a FMCG conglomerate with interests in Dairy, Snacks, Food and the Beverages businesses. In the Dairy business, Cavin’s is the mother brand which offers milk and milk based products such as milkshakes, ghee, curd, UHT and pasteurized milk. In the snacks business, Garden is the mother brand offering an entire gamut of salted snacks including namkeens and western snack offerings. In the foods business, we have a presence across various price points in the pickle segment, with Ruchi in the premium range and Chinni’s in the
mass-premium range. Other products include Chinni’s Vermicelli, Chinni’s
Energy Peanut Snack and Ruchi Magic Culinary pastes. In the beverages business, we are present in non-carbonated fruit drinks with Maa as the flagship brand. Maa is available in several flavours including guava, apple and mango.

The common thread connecting various businesses is the company culture
of bringing out new products which are significantly winning or are highly differentiated as opposed to the competition. As a result, CavinKare has launched successful brands like Meera Hairwash Powder, an uncontested brand which
is the largest selling hairwash powder in India; Indica 10 Minutes Herbal Hair Colour which has a colour delivery time of just 10 minutes vis-à-vis 30-45 minutes taken by competing products and Cavin’s Milkshake which delights consumers with its delicious, ice cream like taste.

CavinKare has a strong distribution footprint pan India, reaching more than
3 million outlets through more than 6000 stockists. Leveraging its strong distribution network, CavinKare has entered into strategic partnerships with
Coty for Adidas and Jovan brands and Hawpar International for Tiger Balm. CavinKare has replicated the success at home and in foreign lands as well.
We serve consumers in more than 13 countries with a focus on South Asia,
South East Asia and GCC countries.