Maa Fruit Drinks

Maa Fruit Drinks is a range of fruit-based beverages hygienically manufactured
in a modern manufacturing facility under stringent quality standards.
Our packaging is designed to retain the flavour and richness of real fruits in these beverages. The Maa range offers Mango, Apple and Guava based fruit drinks.

Maa Mango Drink
Our mango juice, part of the Maa juice range, boasts of the unmatched taste
of fresh mangoes. India’s favourite summer fruit can now be enjoyed anytime, anywhere. Select exotic mangoes ensure an authentic flavour and an unparalleled drinking experience. It’s a great thirst quencher in any season and satisfies
every mango lover’s cravings.
Available in 2 convenient pack formats
Tetra Pack – 200ml
PET – 250ml, 500ml and 1000ml

Maa Apple Drink
With just a sip of our apple drink, the crisp taste of fresh and crunchy apple refreshes your senses. Maa Apple drink is made from the finest apples
and is sure to have you begging for more. As good as real apples,
Maa Apple juice is another great thirst quencher that can be consumed
anytime, anywhere.
Available in 2 convenient pack formats
Tetra Pack – 200ml
PET – 250ml and 500ml
Maa Guava Drink
This is a combination to die for - pink and white guavas in one drink. It makes one of the most refreshing drinks to grab anytime, anywhere. The goodness of the sweetest, freshest guavas come in a convenient pack.
Available in convenient tetra pack – 200ml